Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thia Megia to sing American Anthem on NHL San Jose Sharks?

Western Conference Finals are now on going between Detriot Red Wings and San Jose Sharks. The Sharks bested the Redwings last night with a 2-1 win against their traditional conference rivals.

Would it be great if Thia Megia would sing the National Anthem during one of these Sharks home game?

San Jose Sharks being the only Bay Are NHL Team, should let Thia Megia sing the National Anthem on 1 of their Sports Center televised games, since we are pretty sure that Thia who was born in Redwood City and lived in Hayward before moving to Mountain House a couple of years ago will be thrilled to sing the Anthem for the Sharks @ the Shark Tank.

Other American Idol stars who have sung the anthem during NHL games while under the American Idol contract includes Kelly Pickler for the Predators and David Archuleta.

Thia have sung for almost all of the Major League teams in the Bay Area, namely San Jose Giants, San Francisco Giants and San Franciso 49ers as well as the Stanford Cardinals

Here is Thia singing the US Anthem right before her American Idol debut in the AT&T Park Home of the World Champion San Francisco Giants.

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