Friday, April 8, 2011

Mountain House pins hope on Thia Megia & Won

MOUNTAIN HOUSE, CA – The Bay Area’s Thia Megia may have been eliminated on American Idol but people from her hometown and fellow Filipinos said they still have a lot to thank her for.

A Mountain House resident once described her community as one in need of good news after America’s recession caused a lot of foreclosures in this small town in the last few years. And in the last few months they’ve found it in Thia Megia.

“There’s no denying that Thia put us on the map,” said Celeste Farron, who works for Mountain House Community Services.

Farron had organized community parties to support the sweet singing sixteen year old Filipina in chasing her dream. Megia was eliminated on the talent show on Thursday night.

While Megia now finds herself on the sidelines, she is still qualified to participate in the “Idol” concert tour this summer.

Billboards expressing support for her on the streets of Mountain House will not be taken down, nor the bumper stickers on the cars of her grateful neighbors.

“She’s got a lot ahead of her and i think it’s just the beginning and not the end”, Farron said.

In a Filipino household in Union City, friends of the Megia’s gathered in the same house where they would vote for her each week. On Thursday night, when Thia and fellow contestant Naima Adedapo got voted off the show, they consoled each other.

“We were very stressed out when we watched it but we’re still proud of her,” her dentist, Lita Trinidad-Libot said.


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