Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cover Girl Thia Megia! San Joaquin Magazine Get your copies Now

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thia Megia LOVES Reggae!

While the Top 4 are off for some last moment engagement in the East, the rest of the Idols have been busy granting interviews and participating in the memorial day festivities across LA basin.

Naima was on Reggae show yesterday while Pia got to sing for the PBS Memorial http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifDay Special. Thia on the other hand is working the internet space granting interview with Idoloonies promoting the American Idol tour.

Among other thins she shared is her love for Reggae! No wonder she's so close to momma Naima!

Watch the full interview HERE

Did you know that MSNBC also had her Vocal coach in hell one of the top 5 memorable moments in American Idol Season 10?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lauren Alaina puts Piers Morgan where he belongs, gets one back for Thia Megia

American Idol runner up Lauren Alaina, dishes on American Got Talent judge Piers Morgan on the Tonight Show.

It seems Lauren was rejected by American Got Talent in the past and did not hesitate to give one behind Piers Morgan that extremely embarrassed the British "wanna be Simon Cowell" judge.

Lauren might be thinking of her BFF Thia Megia who got dissed by Piers immediately after being eliminated from American Idol last March 31 during an interview with Access Hollywood.

So Pierce what say you? Do you still think Thia is not talented enough? Lauren wasn't even in the Top 12 American Got Talent finalist!

Pierce must have forgotten this judgement that Thia recieved in AGT 2009. Heck she got one of the highest votes to move on vesus Arcadian who have one fo the lowest votes.

Yes i'm still pissed at this!

DJ Johnny Magic Florida lost 5 grand on Thia, but Thia Megia said...

DJ Johnny Magic of X106.7 lost an estimated 5 grand on betting that Thia Megia will get past and into the Idole finale, according to his collegue who interviewed Thia on the Idol Red Carpet wednesday.

Thia has this to say:

And Yahoo Loves her accesories:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thia Megia for Popstar Magazine Interview @ Red CArpet

PopStar Magazine is one of the most influential American Teen Magazine and they are covering the Idol Finale. Since there are 3 Teen sensations in American Idol this year, Popstar Magazine is all out in every facet of American Idol like they have never been before.

Popstar was able to interview Thia Megia during the Red Carpet event of the Finale.

Thia Megia talks about Scotty McCreery, Lauren and Justine Bieber on American Idol Finale

A Quick change back to the Beyonce number outfit she wore for the performance made Thia adorkable, stunning and elegant young lady as she perused the E! reporter last night.

Thia Megia and Scotty McCreery Moment in American Idol FINALE

Shipper much? Pictures Don't Lie!!!

And niether does some Compelling tweets

Thia Megia Official Eye Candy of American Idol Season 10 performs with TLC and Beyonce

Look at this girl! She's blooming on the red carpet as she pose (Hollywood Style) to get her picture taken. Although she finished Top 10, Thia is among the most popular AI Season 10 alums and her time in the red carpet picture row (Yes i've seen the Red Carpet Arrivals Live) shows her demand among the photographers. Search for her images in getty and other photo distributors and you will know what i mean (no need for me to link every picture taken of her during the finale!

She is equally stunning in her performances coupled with her booming voice (Yes American Idol producers did justice to her as she was covered every minute of the 3 performances she did.

If you want to reminiscense her performance watch below:

with TLC

With Beyonce

Opening Top 13 Group Performance

Beyonce Medley:

ZAP even mentioned Thia our princess is a class act during the finale!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Watch Thia Megia on American Idol Finale Livestreaming

Watch American Idol Finale LIVE HERE

Thia Megia and Sanjaya Malakar on the Red Carpet

Thia Megia on American Idol Red Carpet Livestream NOW

Thia Megia and the rest of the Top 13 will be walking the American Idol Red Carpet before the show including the A-List guests and audiences. Although in the past the Red carpet even is strictly a FOX only event, not covered in full by any media (well besides access Hollywood, Insider and numerous other Gossip/Entertainment shows and sites) this year you can watch it in full LIVE.

The Red Carpet event will be hosted by Alumni Brandon Rogers of Season 6 and Fan favorite Didi Bernami of Season 9. It will be broad casted through live streaming into American Idol website on Wednesday 6-7:45 EST, 5-6:45 PST

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cutie Thia Megia LIVE @ Hollywood Walk of Fame

Smile Thia!!!

Via @AmericanIdol

Thia Megia Look for Less by Soyonan

Its good to see and imitate the look of our favorite American Idol contestants. Common who would'nt want that nice "Greek Outfit" Thia was wearing during her last Idol performance.

Well Soyo Ann the resident clothier of American Idol Season 10 revealed the look and what it takes for us mortals to get the same look, FOR LESS.

Visit her site

Thia Megia on the Groove of things for the Finale!

I don't understand why thia is always at the outskirt of any group performance or pictures?

It doesn't seem Thia is on the Opening number rehearsal above. Or she's just small and hidden at the far corner?

Ah! There she is, cute outfit there Thee!

I wonder what song are they practicing here? One thing for sure its a medley, and I hope its as epic as the Season 3 group number where coincidentally Fil-Ams Camille Velasco and Jasmine Trias were in the Top 10:

Nothing really excites me in the all Country Finale besides Thia's group number and maybe a duet with say rumored guest artist Lady Gaga (remember her rendition of Born This Way?)

Well maybe there's another thing that excites me is the rumored appearance of Bono of the UK group U2 bringing his Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark production (The Most Expensive, Most Hyped, and accident prone Broadway play in recent memory) on the Nokia Idol Dome!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thia Megia Top 13 @ Hollywood Walk of Fame

Thia tweeted that she was with the celeb choreographers @AllanFace and @AdamBC for the dancing lessons the Idols have to learn for the American Idol finale on May 25.

The eliminated American idol girls seems to be enjoying the rehearsals when the above photo was taken. I'm sure it will be one just one of the things they have to do, On Monday the Top 13 including some past American Idol will be at Simon Fuller's (AI show creator), Hollywood Walk of Fame Dedication. The event kicks off at 11:30 a.m. in front of the W Hotel at 6268 Hollywood Blvd.

Between now and the finale these girls and guys are trully be going through a whirlwind of activities and promotions.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well Ok Top 11 did not perform but seated in the Audience is Thia Megia & Top 11 AI

And Hailey was the last idol finalist to get the boot!

Thia Megia Fans on Internet Radio

Thia Megia Fans are on Pinoy Internet Radio Listen in Now

Do You think Thia Megia and Lauren Alaina Miss each other?

Absolutely! Check out the Jumping hug (ohhh and how strong Lauren is for lifting Thia off the floor) after the American Idol Top 3 performance last night.

Since all the Idols are on the set of Idol dome, its safe to say to expect for a group number from the Eliminated casts tonight during the results show.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thia Megia Performance @ Fox Upronts 2011

But first American Idol cast + So You think You Can Dance group rehearsal, do you see the other Fil-Am in the group besides Thia Megia? It's Cheryl Burke!

Well we don't have any video of the American Idol cast full performance in the Fox Upfront but we surely found some performance pics!

Thia surely is having fun with the production number as she looks very LIVELY and these are stills!

Finally Thia Megia on Barangay USA , Dancing! Video

Well Like she said, You ain't seen nothing yet!

Thia Megia: Sweet Tweet from Thee Thee & Fox Upfront Videos

Here she is rehearsing for the Fox Upfronts she attended in NYC with the rest of the American Idol Top 11 Cast.

The American Idol cast performed a group number during the event as captured in the news segment from Good Day New York

Notice the dress she have cause here she is in the Paparazi Press Line

Does this mean that she and the rest of the cast are back in LA now for the American Idol Tonight? Are they performing tonight as well?

The American Idol Cast closed the Show

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thia Megia & Idols Reunite in NYC for FOX Presentation

American Idol's official twitter account just tweeted the picture of Thia, Pia, Jacob and James hanging out in New York City. So that's why Thia's twitter has been quiet lately.

This week the final 2 will be revealed and on May 25 the Finale with the rest of the American Idol Top 11 cast will again grace our screens for the last time. Thia will surely be busy starting today where she was flown to New York City to grace the annual FOX PRIMETIME Presentation.

I hope she FOX transmits the red carpet event just like last year so we can see Thia once more.

Last year Fox transmitted the event (held in LA) LIVE via ustream where one of Thia's friend Charice aka Sunshine Corazon of Glee was introduced:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vote for Thia Megia and Win Free American Idol Live Tickets

As the kick off for the American Idol Live Tour starts ticking, promotions have started to increase.

American Idol and AOL TV Squad are giving away tickets for any city of you choice that the American Idol tour will visit this summer. They are also asking who would you like to see the most for that city's appearance of the Top 11.

Vote Here for Thia Megia and win @TVSQUAD

Thia Megia & friend Charice on Miss Saigon

The Iconic Broadway and West End Play Miss Saigon has long been due for a movie treatment, and Cameroon Macintosh who produced the original long running Broadway show is said to have a short list of possible Kim, the lead on Miss Saigon.

Above is the legendary Lea Salonga at 17 years old winner of the 1st ever Grand Slam in both Broadway and Westend for Kim in Miss Saigon. I wanted to capture Lea's Unique charms and innocence at the time she performed Miss Saigon and received accolades for originating this iconic Broadway figure, to see how the the rumored casting call candidates according to this article measures up.

The Article although published in one of the most reliable and respected Daily claims that Charice is a front runner for the role of Kim due to the fact that she and the chosen director Lee Daniels have both Oprah's backing (Lee Daniel is the director of the Oprah backed Oscar winning movie Precious). Talking about journalistic fishing, it just ain't so.

Thia Megia was also mentioned in the same article. Yes if there is an audition for the role, I really would love Thia to try for the role. Both Thia and Charice can actually match Lea's charms and innocence to create an iconic Kim for the movie Miss Saigon (look at the non glamour pictures of the 2 friends above), Charice's voice just seems too powerful and RNBish for the role while Thia's powerful and sweet vocals just seems a right match for Kim.

Add to Charice's ever increasing fame in both TV (Glee), Movie (Here Comes the Boom), and mainstream music, I feel that she should give this opportunity to her friend Thia. She could really help her a lot by endorsing her to Oprah who if rumors are true is co-producing this movie along with Cameron Mackintosh.

However, the only concrete mainstream news coming out of Hollywood lately regarding Miss Saigon, the Movie is the apparent meeting of another Fil-Am Disney Star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle with Mackintosh for the role last year.

The 20 year old who is known for reprising the roles of Ashley Dewitt in Hanna Montana opposite Miley Cyrus and Ella in Camp Rock series opposite Demi Lovato is surely as charming and innocent as both Charice, Thia and Lea. But as in the case of Charice, Anna already has tons of Fame behind her and I see her reprising the role of Gigi opposite Thia Megia's Kim in Miss Saigon.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thia Megia & Pia Toscano Leads American Idol official Poll

American Idol Official Poll can be found in the American Idol official website and with 110,000 voters Pia Toscano and Thia Megia with 31% votes each are the most Missed Idol Season 10 alumni. Casey Abrams completes the Top 3 with 27% votes.

Coincidentally they are the 3 most talented Top 11 that got eliminated too soon. Now we know who would be closing and opening the American Idol season 10 summer tour.

Vote for who do you miss more here