Friday, May 27, 2011

Lauren Alaina puts Piers Morgan where he belongs, gets one back for Thia Megia

American Idol runner up Lauren Alaina, dishes on American Got Talent judge Piers Morgan on the Tonight Show.

It seems Lauren was rejected by American Got Talent in the past and did not hesitate to give one behind Piers Morgan that extremely embarrassed the British "wanna be Simon Cowell" judge.

Lauren might be thinking of her BFF Thia Megia who got dissed by Piers immediately after being eliminated from American Idol last March 31 during an interview with Access Hollywood.

So Pierce what say you? Do you still think Thia is not talented enough? Lauren wasn't even in the Top 12 American Got Talent finalist!

Pierce must have forgotten this judgement that Thia recieved in AGT 2009. Heck she got one of the highest votes to move on vesus Arcadian who have one fo the lowest votes.

Yes i'm still pissed at this!

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  1. I really think Thia should have made it! Poor judgement again on the part of the judges. Doesn't matter anyways because I believe that Thia is the more talented and she will get to the top. There's no stopping this amazing girl!