Friday, July 31, 2009

In Vegas! Thia Megia marches through into the Top 40

This is Vegas week Baby! Out of 160 that passed through the grueling city by city auditions during the past weeks, the stage is set for the Top 40 finalist to show America what it takes to be the America Got Talent Semi-Finalist, and Thia Megia again WOW's both the audience and the judges to capture a spot in the Top 40.

Fortunately some of the acts that I thought is a direct competition in WOWNESS Factor with regards to singing like Kari and 8 year old Cianna went home, which leaves Thia Megia a major front runner in my opinion.

There is still a long way to thread until Finals night but it will be interesting to see how far Thia could go in lieu of the current Top 40 picks. Go Go Go Girl!

Here is the complete list of Acts that have gone through to the next round.

Acrodunk, basketball dunkers, Houston, TX

African High Flyers, acrobats, Orlando, FL

Alizma, violinist triplets, Las Vegas, NV

Arcadian Broad, dancer (and Dickens character), Orlando, FL

Barbara Padilla, opera singer, Houston, TX

Breaksk8, roller skating breakdancers, Kokomo, IN

Bri Bernstein, singer and musician, Las Vegas, NV

Carol Lugo, dancing granny, Jersey City, NJ

Charles DeWayne Dorsey, singer and musician, La Verne, CA

Coney Island Chris, sideshow performer, Naugatuck, CT

Dave Johnson, “David Hasselhoff” singer/comedian, Renton, WA

Drew Thomas, illusionist, Orlando, FL

Eleisha Miller, singing/piano playing little girl, Amarillo, TX

EriAm, singing sisters, Seattle, WA

Erik and Rickie, ballroom dancing little kids, Seattle, WA

Fab 5, tap dancing sisters, Morgan, UT

FootworKINGz, dance group, Chicago, IL

G-Force, little girl band, Amherst, OH

Grandma Lee, comedian, Jacksonville, FL

Hairo Torres, breakdancer, Grants Pass, OR

Ishaara, Bollywood dance group, Berkeley, CA

Jeffrey Ou, piano prodigy, Carrollton, TX

Kevin Skinner, singer and guitar player, Mayfield, KY

Lawrence Beamen, singer, Walnut Creek, CA

Manuela Horn, comedic variety act, Seattle, WA

Marcus Terrell, singer, Kansas City, MO

Mario & Jenny, chainsaw variety duo, Las Vegas, NV

Matt & Anthony, dancing and musical duo, New York, NY

Mia Boostrom, singer and musician, North Dighton, MA

Mosaic, mens a cappella group, Las Vegas, NV

Pam Martin & Viva, dog variety duo, Garland, TX

Paradizo Dance, acrobatic dancers, Brooklyn, NY

Pixies Mystere, dance/contortionist little girls, Cape May, NJ

Pete Peterkin, celebrity impersonator, Brooklyn, NY

Platt Brothers, variety/tumbling act, San Diego, CA

Recycled Percussion, Stomp-like band, Goffstown, NH

Texas Tenors, singing group, Houston, TX

Thia Megia, singer, Tracy, CA

Tony Hoard, canine frisbee act, New Castle, IN

Voices of Glory, singing siblings, Highland, NY

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hawaii Got Talent! And a BIG one at that!

Ok WOW! America Got Talent have found another kid with amazing vocals! If you havent seen Episode 5 yet, you should. She made me revamp my Top 20 list!

I scoured You Tube for this undiscovered talent (well she has been discovered now) and collected some amazing videos of this 8 year old who basically has a vocal of a 20+ year old mature young woman. I still prefer Thia atm, but I must say Cianna is right behind Thia Megia at this point. Needless to say I'm going to follow her progress now too towards Top 20 and beyond.

No One

If We Hold on Together

If I were a Boy/Single Ladies

Pierce Morgan summed it all! She needs to start looking for a house now! She is a force to reckon with in the competition!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Karaoke Heritage

What does Thia Megia, Jasmine Trias, Camille Velasco, Ramielle Malubay, Charice, Jessica Sanchez, Madonna Decena, Mikey Bustos, Martha Joy Lim and Chelsea Castillo have in common?

They all trained using an innovation called "Karaoke". They all are of Filipino heritage where every single household in the Philippines and everywhere you see a Filipino in the world has one.

Nowadays its being called Magic Mic where the karaoke machine got compact but it also now holds between 5,000-15,000 English and Tagalog songs in a small package.

The Japanese first marketed the machine they dubbed "Karaoke" in the early 80's but in all reality its a Filipino innovation. Before the advent of CD, everybody in the Philippines uses the old cassette tape deck player to play the instrumental tapes of popular English and Tagalog songs. It was only in 1983 that the Japanese marketed the machine as "Karaoke" and the first country in Asia that it hit was the Philippines.

Singing is a serious business for Filipinos indeed! Here are the National TV performances from USA, Britain, Austria, Canada and Australia Singing Talent Shows.




SWAY - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 4 TOP 3 FINALIST (He was disqualified for contracts while a contestant)

















Monday, July 20, 2009

Top 20 America Got Talent Acts

2 more weeks and everybody will be in Las Vegas for the top 40 then top 20 acts. So I'm skipping the top 40 selection. I will let America do that! Here is my Top 20 Acts that I'm hoping will get pass to the Top 20 round!

Eriam Sisters

Kari Callin

Kevin Skinner

Kelly Glover (Former American Idol Season 1)

Mia Boostrom (Season 3 America Got Talent)

Texas Tenors

Hiro Torres

Destined 2 Be

Houston Perrforming Arts

Miss Germany
TJ and Little Mama's
Scott Brothers

Jay Matiolli (Rockin Magician)

Drew Thomas (Illusionist)

Dave and Zoe

Talian Noble (Guitar Prodigy)

Plat Brothers (Gymnastic Show)

Spiritual Harmonizer

Rashinda Jolley (Harp/Vocalist)

And off course Thia Megia!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Did You know?

The girl from America Got Talent, Thia Megia is a flush of creativity and a natural at performing. She won the LA convention as the Best Singer and Actress and rightly so. We all have watched her take center stage a few weeks back, when she sang "I'm Changing" from the Dreamgirls, and that was a treat for all of us.

Besides singing she also have a knack for acting, and have auditioned in the past with the Award winning Broadway show "The Lion King". Here is a taste of her acting ability with her very own video, directed and produced by Thia herself. (just in case the embed did not work)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello Music World: Meet Thia

Thia Megia a 14 year old teen singing sensation whose powerful and mature voice Wowed the audience and judges alike of America Got Talent recently, seems to be a typical teenage girl.

But Thia has been wowing audiences with her singing and acting ability since 4 years old and have composed and recorded her own song when she was 6 years old called "I Will Always Love You" dedicated to her Teddy Bear, Twinkle.

She has won several amateur singing contest in California, and in 2005 she won both Singer and Child Actress of the Year in Los Angeles Talent Convention Center.

Thia has been invited to appear in various local California TV & Radio shows and Events. Her first National cable appearance was shown in "Showtime at the Apollo" where she also wowed the host Whoppi Goldberg.

Currently Thia volunteers her time singing the National Anthem in various Events such as The American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, Post Olympics Dinner Party for U.S Olympians and Paralympians, and Pat's Run of the Pat Tillman Foundation.

She also has sung the National Anthem in Various local sporting events such as 49ers, Charles Schwab Cup, Giants, Stanford and NASCAR.

Although she is just turned 14 years old, a typical run of the mill American teenage girl, she will blow you away with her mesmerizing voice only a seasoned adult should have. Get to know this petite teen and follow her march to stardom in America Got Talent in weeks to come.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Legendary Producers & thier Young Prodigies

To elaborate further on my microblog from yesterday. Music in general have turned from Ballads in the 1990's to RNB type of music of year 2000 and beyond. Balladeers can still eat out a niche but unlike the late 1980's to 1990's where Ballads rule supreme, such legendary producers such as David Foster, Quincy Jones and Clive Davis have struggled of late.

These 3 legends of music seems to be at limbo for years, trying to get the momentum they had once and wrestle back control of Grammy's and Oscars from such younger producers such as BabyFace, P.Diddy et. al.

Enter a neo emergence of big voice divalets of the Houston, Dion and Carey Era. And these 3 producers are filling in the nitch with thier young recent discoveries.

Here is Quincy Jones's prodigy Bianca Ryan winner of America Got Talent 2006

David Foster's prodigy Charice Oprah's Most Talented Girl in the World 2009

And because it's America Got Talent 2009 i really believe that Clive Davis through Simon Cowell is seriously looking at Thia. Win or lose in America Got Talent she will be picked up by either Simon Cowell or Clive Davis.

I wish I had thier voices!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thia Megia Crazed Blogsite Launched! how now launched in support of the newest YouTube Sensation Thia Megia who has earned her ticket to Las Vegas for the American Got Talent 2009 competition. We wish you luck girl! strives to be the One Stop place for those people who are following her budding career off and on camera.

We provide news and articles gathered around the world, videos, personal blogs from people who supports this "Tantalizing and Mesmerising" 14 year old in her march towards a final showdown in American Got Talent and beyond.

The site is currently in its Alpha mode as we increase the Web 2.0 compatibility of the site.

It features a Twitter powered micro forum, a Web 2.0 compliant chatroom, Feedback, and Forum site.

We will be adding more content as well as capabilities in the near future.

Our Immediate Goal is to provide the Thia Megia community with a ready access to articles and news to sustain this budding artist and her ever increasing legions of fans without being hassled with the various registration process involved in other fan/blogsites.

You can be registered to any of the components without having to fill in one single registration form (almost there)using a Twitter, Facebook, or OpenID (Open ID supports all other major authentication systems ie. Yahoo, google, myspace, blogger etc. etc.)

We hope you enjoy the Alpha phase of this site and visit often.


The X Factor: Thia puts another level of "it"

Talents are a dime and a dozen in this world, especially in singing. One only needs to look back a couple of years and the gamut of stars created by the new media we called You Tube.

There's Nora Foss Al Jabri who most recent appearance in Oprah created a buzz both from her home country of Norway and parts of the USA, Charice who was discovered in You Tube who most recently launched her single "Note to God" peaking at #44 in Billboard charts last June. And off-course how can we forget the very public Susan Boyle whose psychological meltdown was covered not only by the alternative media in the Internet but by the mainstream media as well.

Thia Megia enters the world of You Tube Sensations amid all these other personages that have come before her who have the "it" factor. Kinda mundane if you think about it, I've asked several times do we really need another You Tube Sensation that will falter like so many other before her? Granted that not all YT Sensations have gone from the limelight, we still have Charice and Nora both of which are still pursuing recording careers in Norway, USA and the Philippines. But have we heard anything recently about Susan Boyle besides the occasional tabloid magazine scoops? Or of Connie Talbot? How about PolPots?

Most of these people have the X Factor that propelled them to glory initially. However few has that extra "it" to the X Factor unlike Thia does and with this she will overcome the stigma of being a YouTube Sensation, long after the verdict have been delivered in America Got Talent.

I have seen Thia's YouTube videos for the past few years and I've clearly seen how this little lass improved in both singing and her personality. She always have been confident with her singing and performance, that at times she does look like Erica Marks from America Got Talent 2006: (Can't find the AGT clip from 2006 where she fought with the judges on camera so this will do for now)

It's quite overbearing to have a kid acting out like that, self confidence gone awry.

From an outsider where I myself is looking in, I see an overbearing self confidence that shouldn't be there. (Thia is at 1:40 of the clip)

I have put Thia at the back burner for a year because of that. Until I saw her "it" from an already impressive X Factor she possessed manifested in a new light here:

From then on, I knew that the extra factor she possess will surely prop ell her to stardom, time will just have to stand still for her. And I'm glad it did, now that the world is recognizing her talent, A Tantalizing and Mesmerizing voice from one so young.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

San Joaquin County's 'got talent'

Here we go again with another local contestant on the NBC show "America's Got Talent."

Last season, it was Stockton's Queen Emily who advanced to the final rounds and amazed the nation with her singing talent.

This time, it's 14-year-old Thia Megia, the Tracy eighth grader who stunned the judges - and viewers - with a voice that seemingly belongs to someone twice her age.

I watched the video of her performance of the Jennifer Holliday song "I Am Changing" and was hooked. I spent the next hour watching various videos of her singing at jazz festivals, talent competitions, sporting events, etc.

And isn't it great that Tracy, which has gone through all kinds of sad news and heartbreak in the last year, has someone to rally behind who is bringing the city positive exposure?

Keep thrilling those crowds, Thia.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thia Megia Featured in YouTrax.TV!!!

A week before Thia Megia auditioned with her much talked about America Got Talent performance of Jennifer Holiday's I'm Changing, the diminutive 14 year old was interviewed by!

Thia provided her final interview before going off to Chicago for the audition that propelled her to a ticket in Las Vegas as one of the contestants. NBC prohibits the contestants from giving interviews as what reported by
According to Jessica Sanchez,(competed in American Idol 2006 losing to Bianca Ryan)There are "lots of limitations within the contracts of the individual shows..."

The Thia Megia Episode can be downloaded on Website, which includes the full interview and 2 Song Covers by Cold Play and Miley Cyrus.

Here is her cover of Miley Cyrus's Hit "The Climb", Isn't she amazing? is a podcast program which features personages in Youtube that has the talent in singing among other things. It also provides good pointers and information in Home Studio Recording and other Music News.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Young Tracy singer wows TV judges

Tracy singer-songwriter Thia Megia, 14, wowed the judges on “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday night, bringing her one step closer to the television show’s top 20 finalists.

Until then, NBC won’t allow her to grant media interviews, to give all contestants a fair chance, a show rep said.

But Thia’s name has already made its way into the world of pop music.

The eighth-grader is a storied young artist, who at 10 years old sang the “Star Spangled Banner” in front of 60,000 fans at a San Francisco 49ers game. She went on to sing the National Anthem at two more 49ers games in 2006 and 2007 at ages 11 and 12, according to news reports.

Thia, who has been singing since she was 4, has won awards at several local and national singing competitions.

This week’s TV appearance certainly wasn’t her first.

In February last year, the songstress sang Jennifer Holiday’s “I Am Changing” during a televised “Showtime at the Apollo” in New York City. She also appeared on NBC’s KRON4 TV show “The World According to Gary,” where she sang a Disney song.

Since her first, unsuccessful, audition in 2005 for a part in Broadway’s “The Lion King,” Thia has performed at countless charity and national sporting events.

You can watch her sing on “America’s Got Talent”

She also has her own YouTube channel where you can watch some of her other performances.


America's Got Talent, Pleading for Its Susan Boyle

America's Got Talent kicked off its new season last week with big ratings. Two episodes. The week's two highest rated shows.

That, you'd think, would be good enough for the show's producers to can their choreographed attempt to create the U.S. version of Susan Boyle, Britain's Got Talent's lumpy runner-up.

But, no.

Last night, Talent zeroed in on country bumpkin Kevin Skinner, an aww-shucks-type unemployed farmer who perfectly fits the Boyle mold -- rumpled clothes and the skin of a man who's worked outdoors for years.

Talent's likeable and frequently teary-eyed judges, David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan, pounced.

Skinner's a respectably talented singer who might bring down the house at a country fair or a truck-stop bar (that's not a knock -- I wish I could sing well enough to bring down any house).

Talent went overboard in trying to make this ugly duckling its swan. In fact, Morgan said as much without uttering the "SB" words -- Susan Boyle.

Talent also went overboard with Carol Lugo, a goodish dancer from Jersey City who got a standing ovation for simply saying, "I'm 62." Ooh-kay.

America's Got Talent is a lot of fun to watch. And its ratings prove it doesn't need to try so hard to find an underdog it can cling to (and that NBC can build a massive multimedia promotional campaign around).

Meanwhile, there were some genuinely talented people on last night's show, including Skinner.

He got Talent's plum final segment. You know, the final few minutes when the music swells, the audience gasps and the judges flail their arms, mouths agape, to ensure that we viewers know they're floored.
Thia Megia, a 14-year-old girl from California, was a good singer who I'm guessing will make it to the finals. And magician Jay Mattioli was impressive.