Monday, July 6, 2009

Thia Megia Crazed Blogsite Launched! how now launched in support of the newest YouTube Sensation Thia Megia who has earned her ticket to Las Vegas for the American Got Talent 2009 competition. We wish you luck girl! strives to be the One Stop place for those people who are following her budding career off and on camera.

We provide news and articles gathered around the world, videos, personal blogs from people who supports this "Tantalizing and Mesmerising" 14 year old in her march towards a final showdown in American Got Talent and beyond.

The site is currently in its Alpha mode as we increase the Web 2.0 compatibility of the site.

It features a Twitter powered micro forum, a Web 2.0 compliant chatroom, Feedback, and Forum site.

We will be adding more content as well as capabilities in the near future.

Our Immediate Goal is to provide the Thia Megia community with a ready access to articles and news to sustain this budding artist and her ever increasing legions of fans without being hassled with the various registration process involved in other fan/blogsites.

You can be registered to any of the components without having to fill in one single registration form (almost there)using a Twitter, Facebook, or OpenID (Open ID supports all other major authentication systems ie. Yahoo, google, myspace, blogger etc. etc.)

We hope you enjoy the Alpha phase of this site and visit often.


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