Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Legendary Producers & thier Young Prodigies

To elaborate further on my microblog from yesterday. Music in general have turned from Ballads in the 1990's to RNB type of music of year 2000 and beyond. Balladeers can still eat out a niche but unlike the late 1980's to 1990's where Ballads rule supreme, such legendary producers such as David Foster, Quincy Jones and Clive Davis have struggled of late.

These 3 legends of music seems to be at limbo for years, trying to get the momentum they had once and wrestle back control of Grammy's and Oscars from such younger producers such as BabyFace, P.Diddy et. al.

Enter a neo emergence of big voice divalets of the Houston, Dion and Carey Era. And these 3 producers are filling in the nitch with thier young recent discoveries.

Here is Quincy Jones's prodigy Bianca Ryan winner of America Got Talent 2006

David Foster's prodigy Charice Oprah's Most Talented Girl in the World 2009

And because it's America Got Talent 2009 i really believe that Clive Davis through Simon Cowell is seriously looking at Thia. Win or lose in America Got Talent she will be picked up by either Simon Cowell or Clive Davis.

I wish I had thier voices!

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