Monday, July 6, 2009

The X Factor: Thia puts another level of "it"

Talents are a dime and a dozen in this world, especially in singing. One only needs to look back a couple of years and the gamut of stars created by the new media we called You Tube.

There's Nora Foss Al Jabri who most recent appearance in Oprah created a buzz both from her home country of Norway and parts of the USA, Charice who was discovered in You Tube who most recently launched her single "Note to God" peaking at #44 in Billboard charts last June. And off-course how can we forget the very public Susan Boyle whose psychological meltdown was covered not only by the alternative media in the Internet but by the mainstream media as well.

Thia Megia enters the world of You Tube Sensations amid all these other personages that have come before her who have the "it" factor. Kinda mundane if you think about it, I've asked several times do we really need another You Tube Sensation that will falter like so many other before her? Granted that not all YT Sensations have gone from the limelight, we still have Charice and Nora both of which are still pursuing recording careers in Norway, USA and the Philippines. But have we heard anything recently about Susan Boyle besides the occasional tabloid magazine scoops? Or of Connie Talbot? How about PolPots?

Most of these people have the X Factor that propelled them to glory initially. However few has that extra "it" to the X Factor unlike Thia does and with this she will overcome the stigma of being a YouTube Sensation, long after the verdict have been delivered in America Got Talent.

I have seen Thia's YouTube videos for the past few years and I've clearly seen how this little lass improved in both singing and her personality. She always have been confident with her singing and performance, that at times she does look like Erica Marks from America Got Talent 2006: (Can't find the AGT clip from 2006 where she fought with the judges on camera so this will do for now)

It's quite overbearing to have a kid acting out like that, self confidence gone awry.

From an outsider where I myself is looking in, I see an overbearing self confidence that shouldn't be there. (Thia is at 1:40 of the clip)

I have put Thia at the back burner for a year because of that. Until I saw her "it" from an already impressive X Factor she possessed manifested in a new light here:

From then on, I knew that the extra factor she possess will surely prop ell her to stardom, time will just have to stand still for her. And I'm glad it did, now that the world is recognizing her talent, A Tantalizing and Mesmerizing voice from one so young.

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