Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thia Megia on Jay Leno on April 1st and NBC

And the Media blitz for elinated Contestants is getting on its full gear as Thia Megia and Naima visits the sets of NBC and Jay Leno


Monday, March 28, 2011

New pics of Thia Megia

Turning Japanese in EW Glamshots (taking break though)

School buddies

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Access Hollywood Backstage with Thia Megia

Thia shares the decision about going uptempo song last week.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thia Megia Top Trending on Yahoo USA

Seems that inordinate amounts of searches about Thia Megia after the results night Thursday pushed her envelope to conquer Yahoo USA Trending topics:

We are very sure that both pro and anti Thia Megia searches fueled this after the shocking elimination and judges save for Casey Abrams.

Thia Megia Learned the Pre-Hispanic Filipino writing Baybayin

Seems that Thia Megia is as Filipino as you can ever get among the 4 Fil-American Idol Top 10 Finalist as she can ever be.

She learned how to read and write a little bit of it:

USA today is dead on the American Idol results except for Thia Megia

Seems scientifically USA Today's approach catched the pulse of America Dead on for today's bottom 3. Well except for Thia Megia and Haley Reinhart:


Yahoo!! American Idol Top 3 Jasmine Trias advice to Thia Megia

A Fil-Am Top 3 contender from American Idol Season 3 gives an interview and advise to fellow Fil-Am Thia Megia on American Idol

OMG: Thia Megia is doing well in AI. What advice can you give her?

JT: I'm really happy to see another Fil-Am doing well on American Idol! I take great pride in my Filipino heritage, and think there is some incredible Filipino vocal talent out there, which should be showcased. I think Thia has been doing great, and is handling the pressures of the show well. I can relate with how she must be feeling, having gone through the American Idol experience at a very similar age.

My memories of the show are kind of a blur as everything was happening so quickly. There were so many life changing moments and experiences, that it was hard to take it all in at such a young age.

The best advice I can give Thia would be to enjoy every moment, and really try to savor the experience. Of course, be focused and work hard, but try not to get too stressed out. Have fun! Other than that, I think song choice is always a key ingredient to anyone's success on the show. Thia has a beautiful vocal tone, so hopefully they can find songs that best showcase this for her, and give her the greatest possible chance in the competition. That said, there's so much talent in the Finals this year, that she should already be extremely proud of herself for reaching this stage of the competition, regardless of what happens.

SOURCE full interview

Thia Megia inspires! Vlog from a Passionate AI voter

Ta;king about being passionate!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thia Megia Rocked American Idol

Thia made good on her promise to show her "loose" side as she belted out Heatwave and had the whole American Idol Audience up and rockin including the 3 judges.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

USA today ranks Thia Megia #9 on its Idol Meter

USA today have put out thier Idol Meter and Ranks the American Idol finalist according to a certain criteria.

It turns out its pretty accurate! This is not based on any polling or voting but an abstract set of "standards" established from prior American Idol seasons.

Currently, Thia is ranked #9 ahead of the now booted Karen Rodriguez, Naima, and Haley Reinhart.


American Idol Love Angle? Thia Megia and Scott ?

Lately there has been an increasing amount of screen caps that the American Idol cameras inadvertently captured of Thia and Scott's adoring looks towards each other.

This one is from the recently concluded American Idol results night last Thursday

Did you see how scotty looked at Thia as she stood up?

Is American Idol propagating this?

Here is some screenshots of Scotty and Thia at close quarters captured by the american Idol cameras:

Well maybe its just some wishful thinking from some of their fans.

Thia Megia on Celebrity Fight Night with the Top 12 American Idols

Like her friend Charice, Thia Megia is set to appear as guest performer for the Annual Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night in Arizona along with the rest of the American Idol Top 11 tonight.

Besides the cast of American Idol season 10 the event will also have American Idol Alumni Kelly Clarkson, American Idol guest judge David Foster and more.


Its Official Thianatics are Born!!

Its been quite a while before Thia figured out that among the idols, her fanbase has no name for itself until today!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lady Pocahontas leads Lady Gaga's Born this way

I really enjoyed the Group performance of Born to be Wild/ Born This way Mash up on Idol last Thursday. I mean look at Thia on her full Pocahontas look opening the lead for Lady Gaga's born this way. Its Priceless!!!

Angeles City, Pampanga Philippines honors Thia Megia

Top 10 American Idol finalist Thia Megia is the object of a new government resolution honoring her in the hometown of his parents, Angeles City Pamapanga Philippines.


Thia gets the Memo, Randy and Jennifer Lopez approves

Sometimes you need to spice things up to put yourself above the competition. This is the message across the board from the American Idol judges to Thia when they delivered the harshest critique on our 16 year old Princess.

As you can see Thia is now responding actively to these harsh critques about her performance of Colors in the Wind by Vannesa Williams.

She offered some more the next day during the results night, in which all 3 judges can be seen nodding in approval.

Hold on to your horses, cause next week might be a suprise to all as she demonstrates what she is hiding beneath those quiet confidence of hers on stage

Thia Megia's Newest American Idol Interview

Top 13 Goes Motown! What will Thia Choose?

Top 11 Theme for next week is Motown! More Mj's for Thia? Maybe this is the time to have her sing Music and Me? or is it time for Upbeat songs from Donna Summers, Gladys Knight or Diana Ross?

My personal favorite is I second that emotion by the supremes!

Channeling Pocahontas, Thia Video message to her fans

After a confusing judges comments on Thia's beautiful rendition of Colors of the Wind, American Idol results nights was sure to be one of the most nerve wracking experience for such a youngster as Thia.

In a video she expressed her gratefulness to all those who supported her from the beginning:

If you haven't heard her recording of Colors in the Wind you are really missing out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What would @TMegiaAI10 sing tonight? How about Colors of the wind!

With the absence of spoilers that wrecked havoc last week before the Telecast of American Idol, this week have been quiet in the spoiler blogsites (Thank God!! Thanks to a stricter policy during live rehearsals)

However, there are still hints among the netizens as to what thia might be singing tonight on the telecast:

Rock Mafia retweeted a tweet from one ThomasSturgess on March 11:

To those uninitiated the line is from the hit Movie pochantas Color of the Wind by Vannessa Williams.

The line seems really nonchalant, until you realize that Rock Mafia one of the music producers that is assigned to each contestant each week has worked with Thia Megia this week, she even tweeted of the duo after thier session.

Needless to say Thia is not the only one who worked with RockMafia this week, Stephano and Haley also had thier session. However, Thia is the only one born in the 1995 when Colors of the Wind became a hit song!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thia finds Twitpic

Lately Thia Megia hve been shelling out pictures of her in Twitpic.

Here she is with Actress Nikki Reed

And her Older sibling Lia who she calls "Ate" (Older sister in Filipino)

With her stunning look, she is ready to conquer the world!!!

CAVA Students shout out for Thia Megia

Thia is a student of CAVA (Virtual academies) as a highschool student, and they are rooting for one of thier own in this video.

She even have her own Support page on the CAVA website HERE

Mountain House Little Leagues Shout out for Thia Megia filmed

Mountain House Little League Opening Ceremony last Saturday was filmed by 2 companies and had been delivered to 19 entertainment for a possible broadcast in American Idol where Thia Megia is a finalist.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Self Glamming?

Thia Prepares for an Interview tweets @AmericanIdol.

Questions for Thia Megia LIVE @ Paley Center

American Idol finalists will be having a Press Conference at the Paley Center and will be answering Questions from both the audience and Anchor Dave Karger of Entertainment Weekly.

Have a question for Thia?

Submit it HERE

Thia Megia Top 3 girls of American Idol season 10

Well some math afficionado have created a bar graph of the Top 12 American Idol celebrity of Season 10 and Thia ranks 5th and 3rd among the girls who are the most popular.

If you want to read on how he cruched this numbers you can follow his blog HERE

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thia Megia and Lauren Alaina

Message to Fans from Myspace

Right before her old Myspace page was taken down when she entered American Idol Top 24, Thia shared her AGT experience and how it affected her and made her stronger.

She's one insightful youngling isn't she?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

American Idol Top 12 on US News Magazines!!!

Thia Megia in the Studio with Rock Mafia

American Idol just tweeted the above picture of Thia busy recording her piece for next weeks's theme "Songs when you were born". Wonder what song from the year 1995 she choose?

We also found out she's working with the Rock Mafia producers through thier own Twitter account:

Can't wait for her performance!!!!!

American Idol Album is Top 9 in iTunes

According to Reality TV, American Idol Album compilation performances of which Thia Megia's Smile rendition is included notched Top 9 in Bestseller Albums in Itunes.

Nostalgia: American Idol Thia Megia sings French song

Thia Megia behind the scene of Ford Music Video

FoxAllAccess interview on Thia Megia & Top 12

Choosing Songs are a risk says Thia Megia

Hitflix interviewed the Top 12 about the American Idol experience so far and what it meant for them.

Thia also admitted during the interview that being so young the biggest risk for her is song choice.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Thia Megia on Imdb

Our Princess now has her very own Imdb page. As a fledging musical artist inclusion on the Internet Movie Database is surely a sign that her star is fast rising among netizens around the world.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online database of information related to movies, television shows, actors, production crew personnel, video games and fictional characters featured in visual entertainment media. IMDb launched on October 17, 1990, and in 1998 was acquired by

Mountain House, CA to honor Thia Megia

The government council of Mountain House, California are now planning a homecoming event in Honor of Thia Megia, its most recognizable national celebrity.

According to Tracy Press, plans are now on the Mountain House board and will be discussed April 13.


Thia Megia shines on her Elegant Makeover

As much as I hate to say this, but Thank God she got a stylist now! Her perfect rendition of her top 24 audition piece On my Own by Irene Cara was impeccable. Although I'm sure that the audience gets reminded everytime the camera goes to a long shot, that this is being sung by a freshly minted 16 year old.

However, that is not the case the following week when she rendered Michael Jackson's Smile (composed by Charlie Chaplin)in a stunning Betsy Johnson gown.

We are not alone as also were astounded by the transformation:

Thia Megia: Wore a Betsey Johnson, ombre, strapless maxi-dress to sing Michael Jackson's version of "Smile." At 15, the soft, ethereal details, including her delicate jewelry, seemed spot-on to An.

For more American Idol makeover visit HERE

Thia Megia's Signature Dance Move @ American Idol backstage

Thia Megia is Enthralled at working with Interscope's Iovine

Thia Megia got interviewed by Hollywood Outbreak in working with Legendary Producer Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records.

Interview with Thia Megia about Iovine by Megiastars

She's definetely being mentored by one of the best in the business while competing in American Idol. Listen to her recording of Smile produced by Interscope Records available in Itunes.

Thia Megia Leads on Rock My World

Eventhough the Idol producer gave a tiny bit of screen time to our angel(Even the Eliminated Ashton have more screen time), she made use of it leading the opening vocals to Rock my world.

Was the Group performance Biased?

Thia Megia's 1st Music Video

And the Camera LOVES her!

Thia Megia: Interview time for one Angelic Voiced Star

Thia Megia survives! Time to Soar and shellshock America

American Idol Season 10 1st Elimination was held yesterday, and to all of those naysayers (Yes we are looking at a Hollywood Celeb Bloggers) Thia is not even on the Bottom 3. So keep on writing all those negative comments about her, She is just laughing at you all.

The Theme on the upcoming Idol week is "Songs from The year they were born".

Thialorei Lising Megia was born on January 1, 1995, a year where a multitude of music genre ruled the airwaves from Freestyle Hiphop to Disney Soundtracks and such artists as TLC, Hootie and the Blowfish, Michele Branch, Vannessa Williams and yes even Thia's Idol Michael Jackson posted #1 charting songs all throughout the year.

However, we won't bore you listing all the top 100 tunes during that year, since we already have a feeling she already picked her song for next week and is busy recording and perfecting it for Next weeks program.

As a longtime supporter of Thia through Youtube, I know that Thia is not a one sided singer like a lot of these Anti-Thia sites are saying. She is as versitile as you can get for a young 15 - 16 year old youngster in musical genre she chooses to sing and perform.

So I was wondering if, it is time for her to challenge Pia Toscano with her powerful voice such as we saw in AGT:

Show her Dance/pop Side like when she did Tina Turner a couple of years back:

Or show her RNB ala Christina Aguilera?

Whatever she decides for the next following weeks while she is in American Idol, I'm sure she continues to grow and relishing all of the new experiences brought on by her new found Fame. So back off haters!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thia Megia featured on Kababayan 18 Los Angeles

Thia Megia's first commercial recording SMILE on Itunes AWESOME

Yes folks she is on Itunes now her very 1st commerical recording of Michael Jackson's SMILE she just performed in American Idol.

And Let me tell you its superb!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thia Megia can Smile after tommorrow

Well we knew there was a reason not to believe the Spoilers coming out the woodwork's from the LIVE taping of American Idol. That episode just aired today and gloomsayers are all wrong about Thia's rendition of MJ's cover of Nat king Cole's SMILE.

Granted that Thia did not receive critiques that are high flying as last week, her rendition is something that takes you from the classy suburban of heaven to the jassy finesse of eternity. The transition is the most troublesome for her, and that's just the take of the producer not the singer.

She will definetely sail through this one, though not as high as her prior performance.

American Idol Photoshoot Top 13 Video

Thia Megia American Idol "Personal idol" Week

Thia Megia was compared to Michael Jackson's tone last week by Randy, obviously Thia would have sung a song that's from Michael Jackson but not this soon!!!

According to spoilers :

Thia Megia got only so-so comments from the judges regarding her performance of “Smile” by Michael Jackson. Randy Jackson thought the beginning was great, but that the end was a bit pitchy while Jennifer Lopez liked the way she moved on stage and said she hopes to see more.

To those who have followed Thia over the years, she can deliver MJ songs with authority like in this video with David Foster:

She had also expressed covering MJ song Music and Me, but in all the years that we have been following her in Youtube, she has never covered Smile.

What could have possibly went wrong with the Song choice? Unavailability of those 2 songs mentioned above for American Idol broadcast?

Thia Megia talks about Charice

Before her stint in American Idol, Thia was fortunate enough to have met Charice Pempengco in one of her concert.

Her friendship with the International pop artist, has grown since that fateful day in Vancouver and Thia shared her experience and various tidbits about charice that only a close friend can relate during an interview May 14, 2010

Interview with Thia Megia by Megiastars

Thia Megia's mom Faints before the Top 13 results

Right before the American Idol Top 13 results announcement, Thia Megia's mom was taken via ambulance to the hospital for fainting.

Remember this scene?

A lot have been written about her choice of garment that results night but it turns out that she is wearing her mom's sweater who was just taken to the hospital hours before the live taping.


Thia Megia and Lauren on Ford Music Video shoot

The 2 youngest stars of American Idol Season 10 prepares for a close up shot for this years Top 13 Ford Music Video.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thia Megia attends Red Riding Hood Movie Premiere

Thia and the rest of the American Idol Top 13 had the oppurtunity to attend the Priemiere of Red Riding Hood in Hollywood March 7, 2011

Isn't she lovely?