Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yahoo!! American Idol Top 3 Jasmine Trias advice to Thia Megia

A Fil-Am Top 3 contender from American Idol Season 3 gives an interview and advise to fellow Fil-Am Thia Megia on American Idol

OMG: Thia Megia is doing well in AI. What advice can you give her?

JT: I'm really happy to see another Fil-Am doing well on American Idol! I take great pride in my Filipino heritage, and think there is some incredible Filipino vocal talent out there, which should be showcased. I think Thia has been doing great, and is handling the pressures of the show well. I can relate with how she must be feeling, having gone through the American Idol experience at a very similar age.

My memories of the show are kind of a blur as everything was happening so quickly. There were so many life changing moments and experiences, that it was hard to take it all in at such a young age.

The best advice I can give Thia would be to enjoy every moment, and really try to savor the experience. Of course, be focused and work hard, but try not to get too stressed out. Have fun! Other than that, I think song choice is always a key ingredient to anyone's success on the show. Thia has a beautiful vocal tone, so hopefully they can find songs that best showcase this for her, and give her the greatest possible chance in the competition. That said, there's so much talent in the Finals this year, that she should already be extremely proud of herself for reaching this stage of the competition, regardless of what happens.

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