Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thia Megia American Idol "Personal idol" Week

Thia Megia was compared to Michael Jackson's tone last week by Randy, obviously Thia would have sung a song that's from Michael Jackson but not this soon!!!

According to spoilers :

Thia Megia got only so-so comments from the judges regarding her performance of “Smile” by Michael Jackson. Randy Jackson thought the beginning was great, but that the end was a bit pitchy while Jennifer Lopez liked the way she moved on stage and said she hopes to see more.

To those who have followed Thia over the years, she can deliver MJ songs with authority like in this video with David Foster:

She had also expressed covering MJ song Music and Me, but in all the years that we have been following her in Youtube, she has never covered Smile.

What could have possibly went wrong with the Song choice? Unavailability of those 2 songs mentioned above for American Idol broadcast?

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