Friday, March 11, 2011

Thia Megia survives! Time to Soar and shellshock America

American Idol Season 10 1st Elimination was held yesterday, and to all of those naysayers (Yes we are looking at a Hollywood Celeb Bloggers) Thia is not even on the Bottom 3. So keep on writing all those negative comments about her, She is just laughing at you all.

The Theme on the upcoming Idol week is "Songs from The year they were born".

Thialorei Lising Megia was born on January 1, 1995, a year where a multitude of music genre ruled the airwaves from Freestyle Hiphop to Disney Soundtracks and such artists as TLC, Hootie and the Blowfish, Michele Branch, Vannessa Williams and yes even Thia's Idol Michael Jackson posted #1 charting songs all throughout the year.

However, we won't bore you listing all the top 100 tunes during that year, since we already have a feeling she already picked her song for next week and is busy recording and perfecting it for Next weeks program.

As a longtime supporter of Thia through Youtube, I know that Thia is not a one sided singer like a lot of these Anti-Thia sites are saying. She is as versitile as you can get for a young 15 - 16 year old youngster in musical genre she chooses to sing and perform.

So I was wondering if, it is time for her to challenge Pia Toscano with her powerful voice such as we saw in AGT:

Show her Dance/pop Side like when she did Tina Turner a couple of years back:

Or show her RNB ala Christina Aguilera?

Whatever she decides for the next following weeks while she is in American Idol, I'm sure she continues to grow and relishing all of the new experiences brought on by her new found Fame. So back off haters!!!

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