Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thia Megia & friend Charice on Miss Saigon

The Iconic Broadway and West End Play Miss Saigon has long been due for a movie treatment, and Cameroon Macintosh who produced the original long running Broadway show is said to have a short list of possible Kim, the lead on Miss Saigon.

Above is the legendary Lea Salonga at 17 years old winner of the 1st ever Grand Slam in both Broadway and Westend for Kim in Miss Saigon. I wanted to capture Lea's Unique charms and innocence at the time she performed Miss Saigon and received accolades for originating this iconic Broadway figure, to see how the the rumored casting call candidates according to this article measures up.

The Article although published in one of the most reliable and respected Daily claims that Charice is a front runner for the role of Kim due to the fact that she and the chosen director Lee Daniels have both Oprah's backing (Lee Daniel is the director of the Oprah backed Oscar winning movie Precious). Talking about journalistic fishing, it just ain't so.

Thia Megia was also mentioned in the same article. Yes if there is an audition for the role, I really would love Thia to try for the role. Both Thia and Charice can actually match Lea's charms and innocence to create an iconic Kim for the movie Miss Saigon (look at the non glamour pictures of the 2 friends above), Charice's voice just seems too powerful and RNBish for the role while Thia's powerful and sweet vocals just seems a right match for Kim.

Add to Charice's ever increasing fame in both TV (Glee), Movie (Here Comes the Boom), and mainstream music, I feel that she should give this opportunity to her friend Thia. She could really help her a lot by endorsing her to Oprah who if rumors are true is co-producing this movie along with Cameron Mackintosh.

However, the only concrete mainstream news coming out of Hollywood lately regarding Miss Saigon, the Movie is the apparent meeting of another Fil-Am Disney Star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle with Mackintosh for the role last year.

The 20 year old who is known for reprising the roles of Ashley Dewitt in Hanna Montana opposite Miley Cyrus and Ella in Camp Rock series opposite Demi Lovato is surely as charming and innocent as both Charice, Thia and Lea. But as in the case of Charice, Anna already has tons of Fame behind her and I see her reprising the role of Gigi opposite Thia Megia's Kim in Miss Saigon.

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  1. I think Charice should play Ms Saigon - she deserves it and is way way above Thia Megia in acting and singing skills. If you see Charice now, she is beautiful and hot and suits the role well. She also has that "spunk" that is required in a Ms Saigon role - an innocent girl who also knows how to fight for her son, her man, and has the convincing angst to contemplate suicide (as the role requires). Anna Maria de Tagle can be an effective Gigi, and ohh alright include Thia Megia as one of the vietnamese dancers - in fact giver her singing and speaking portions (the movie version is usually a bit changed from the play) but dont let her play Kim. This would be a good stepping stone for Thia and she should be grateful to even be included. Definitely only someone as unique and spectacular and audience-wowing-everywhere as Charice deserves the Ms Saigon role.