Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thia Megia Official Eye Candy of American Idol Season 10 performs with TLC and Beyonce

Look at this girl! She's blooming on the red carpet as she pose (Hollywood Style) to get her picture taken. Although she finished Top 10, Thia is among the most popular AI Season 10 alums and her time in the red carpet picture row (Yes i've seen the Red Carpet Arrivals Live) shows her demand among the photographers. Search for her images in getty and other photo distributors and you will know what i mean (no need for me to link every picture taken of her during the finale!

She is equally stunning in her performances coupled with her booming voice (Yes American Idol producers did justice to her as she was covered every minute of the 3 performances she did.

If you want to reminiscense her performance watch below:

with TLC

With Beyonce

Opening Top 13 Group Performance

Beyonce Medley:

ZAP even mentioned Thia our princess is a class act during the finale!

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