Friday, April 8, 2011

Randy Jackson cost Thia Megia & Pia Toscano with his Curse. Is Lauren next?

A few weeks ago Randy Jackson (@YO_RANDYJACKSON) told Thia Megia that she needed to sing something other than a ballad, she took his advice and was sent to the bottom 3. Thia tried to redeem herself with another ballad the week after heeding Randy's call for an uptempo song and was eliminated.

He also told Pia Toscano the same thing, but Pia ignored Randy by singing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" during Elton John Week... She was safe. One week later Toscano finally decided to pick up the tempo and was eliminated from the show. Randy Jackson and his "up tempo" advice is cursed!

Pia was considered by many to be a frontrunner in season 10, but the tween/teen girl vote reigns supreme. The female contestants are dropping like flies, while "cute boys" dodge the bottom three week to week. Will Pia's elimination wake a sleeping giant? The part of America who votes based on talent, or will the Top Five resemble a crudely slapped together boy band?

The bottom three were Pia, Jacob Lusk (bottom 3 virgin), and Stefano Langone (2nd trip?).

The show leading up to the Pia shocker included the return of Constantine Maroulis to the Idol stage, the obligatory Ford car commercial, and the Top 9 stopping by the TMZ offices for a lesson on how to handle the press.


Randy also gave the same advice to Lauren Alaina lately. Is she next?

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