Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WAtch Out Miley Cyrus, Thia Does Climb!

Opening Quarter Finals was just showed in America Got Talent: Hollywood and all I can say is Thia Nailed "The Climb"

A lot of people in twitter are saying its the wrong song for her, but like the judges of the show I beg to differ. I believe that Thia with deeper and full voice than Miley Cyrus have more emotions to show that is appropriate for the song.

We are just probably used to Miley's acoustically engineered sound in her "The Climb" video and over the airwaves that a lot of us think that Miley sounds like that in her LIVE performances.

I've seen Miley sing this song LIVE numerous times and basically, she doesn't even sound the same from her LIVE performances with her studio recordings. She has always had a problem reaching the actual notes of the song especially in the chorus.

Now with Thia Megia, she took the song over its runs effortlessly in much deeper and full voice as well as higher pitch than Miley. Her Vibrato is much more pleasing than Miley's vibrato which is pitchy at times.

Although I'm pleased with her rendition, something is missing from this performance that not quite there in all of her videos. The goosebumps effect! I have no idea if they picked this song for her or she picked this song herself, but it just an OK song for me. Thia delivered the piece in such a way that one can clearly see the difference with the Original piece and this rendition is definitely better, yet an element of surprise is missing from it.

Judge for yourself. The judges aren't doing her any service by patronizing her this early unless they wanted her to be booted off early!

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