Monday, August 10, 2009

Thia Megia becomes an Internet Sensation

Less than 24 hours after the questionable elimination in America Got Talent, Thia Megia is proving the judges that voted her off they made a mistake!

Legions of her fans have been discussing the elimination in the YT video uploaded less than 24 hours garnering 200k hits.

She sang "The Climb" although I have to agree its far from a perfect performance, it doesn't also warrant for her to be sent home, this early in the competition. Specially after all the accolades the judges themselves gave her the night before.

The firestorm of views kept on hitting the her video performance last Tuesday bringing in 750,000 views in less than a week. Most of the comments are favorable to her performance and are in shock with how the judges eliminated her clearly against the will of both the Live audience that day and the public who took time to vote for the America Got Talent contest.

There are also unfavorable comments coming from 13-21 year old Miley Cyrus Fans who sees her singing as a threat to Miley (Yes she made a better rendition of the song than Miley herself LIVE), thus pushing the envelope of popularity of the video within this age range and across the globe:

Watch Out Disney And Warner Brothers!

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