Friday, June 3, 2011

Glee: Will Thia Megia get a slot on Season 3?

The picture above would have just gone over the head of just about everybody else, until you analyze it with the picture below:

Glee guest star Charice who incidentally is Thia's close friends for 2 years now had a photo shoot for her CD booklet wearing the recognizable Vocal adrenaline outfit months before Fox announced her inclusion in the high rating High School Musical GLEE.

Now looking back on the first picture where Thia is definitely wearing a New Direction inspired outfit, is she next? who had an interview with Thia a couple of days ago, reported that Glee is introducing 2 new characters for season 3:

two new female students will enroll at McKinley High this fall with one character having the quality of big stars.

The Description of these new characters are reminiscent of Thia (at least for me)

The said character is described as "Adele meets Susan Boyle

The other newbie is Rebecca who is described as a beautiful student who can sing all kinds of music.

Read the report HERE

I know this is fishing for a fish in a dried pond, but what if?

If Thia can audition, she should do this if its not offered to her already. Remember its on the same network where American Idol reigns!

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  1. I definitely woud want Thia Megia in GLEE. She sings well and can blend with the McKinley group. Besides, she has this sweet character making her a model and good example for young viewers and high school students as well. I say, putting Thia in Glee will be a win-win for Glee and Fox.