Friday, August 21, 2009

Thia Emails all her supporters and Fans!

Got an email from Thia through her Youtube account and she just wants to let everybody know she is doing allright and had fun with the America Got Talent experience. Here is the full Email from her personally:

Hi ThiaMegiaNetwork :) I want to thank you for your great support from the bottom of my heart! I just want to let you know that I'm doing great!

I was crushed a bit at the beginning for a couple of days, I was just exhausted and my goal was at least to be one of the top 20 we all have plans and goals. I guess, life is always a climb, and there will be another mountain to climb, and again I'm ready :)

I had thought the entire time I was in AGT that it was totally a blast! The contestants and the AGT staff were all amazing. For a week and a half of rehearsals for our group (the 1st quarter finalists) we all grew close like family! :) Just one of the great moments that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Although I didn't make it, it's still a time of my life, I should say. Off stage, no one is competative against one another. Believe me or not, with that loving frienship and respect we all have for each other made my experience with AGT extra, extra special! :) The bliss of being with great people just felt like a billion dollars. I hope you don't find that cheesy, haha, but its true. Because we seem like one big true family that share the same dreams.

We've placed a note on my official youtube page about your website & other web sites that include my name. A lot of my family & pals are asking about it, if it's my website? Just for someone who is curious so they would know, I told them its actually not mine. I'm really thankful though for your hard work. God bless you and your family.

She now has a twitter account @ThiaLMegia visit her. More power to you Thia!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thia Megia becomes an Internet Sensation

Less than 24 hours after the questionable elimination in America Got Talent, Thia Megia is proving the judges that voted her off they made a mistake!

Legions of her fans have been discussing the elimination in the YT video uploaded less than 24 hours garnering 200k hits.

She sang "The Climb" although I have to agree its far from a perfect performance, it doesn't also warrant for her to be sent home, this early in the competition. Specially after all the accolades the judges themselves gave her the night before.

The firestorm of views kept on hitting the her video performance last Tuesday bringing in 750,000 views in less than a week. Most of the comments are favorable to her performance and are in shock with how the judges eliminated her clearly against the will of both the Live audience that day and the public who took time to vote for the America Got Talent contest.

There are also unfavorable comments coming from 13-21 year old Miley Cyrus Fans who sees her singing as a threat to Miley (Yes she made a better rendition of the song than Miley herself LIVE), thus pushing the envelope of popularity of the video within this age range and across the globe:

Watch Out Disney And Warner Brothers!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Why was Thia Megia Eliminated by the Judges

Thia Megia was eliminated Wednesday not by America but by 2 of the judges who clearly have been her staunches admirer. But why?

America Got Talent elimination round for the semi finals pitted 2 amazing teens, one of which is a heavy favorite for the contention of the Grand Prize as numerous media sources from Yahoo all the way to Zap.

Nowhere have these sources put in Arcadian as one of the top favorites, who clinched the last spot of the America Got Talent elimination round Wednesday. Let's review both acts.

Thia Megia, the 14 year old "big voiced" teen who sung "I'm Changing" in her audition sung Miley Cyrus's hit "The Climb", Tuesday night. Albeit the performance is masterfully done and the corresponding vocals is superb, I tend to agree to most comments in Twitter and YouTube, that the song did not fit with her vocals. It's simply too simple for her "big voice" lacking the rifts and runs that are typical of these diva voices, hence emotionally lacking yet powerful enough to convey the message of song more so than the LIVE performances of the original artist.

I was concerned at the way all 3 judges showered her with accolades including the admiration of Nick Cannon for her rendition that I immediately blogged what the judges failed to see here. My premonition was correct, 24 hours later 2 of the judges gave Thia the boot in favor of Arcadian.

Arcadian, 13 year old solo dancer who was introduced as an underdog and bullied all his life who twirls and does aerial splits to the tune of the 80's did it again with "Footloose" in the 1st Quarter finals with one distinct difference, he played the piano amazingly before going to his same routine of dancing John Travolta style. He got a reprimand from the 2 of the judges Pierce and Sharon for going too late into his dance routine, the reason he got a ticket to Las Vegas and not for his piano talent.

Although I agree with the judges that Arcadian should have stuck with his amazing dancing skills, I also commend Arcadian in displaying his other talents. What would the boy do? Twirl and do Aerials all the way to the finals? It's seems boring if he did not included his piano skills. That just show that he isn't one dimensional.

But if its diversity that they wanted, surely Thia Megia if she had known this would have also displayed her dancing and acting skills in addition to singing which she has done before. It's more likely that she was eliminated for a lack of story potential which I'm afraid is what AGT and BGT are all about these days.

Now let's look at the scenarios I've been thinking of Why the judges eliminated Thia from the competition.

1. Thia Megia's Talent is too big for America Got Talent. During the elimination round you can clearly hear how Sharon and David keep on emphasizing that Thia will hit big time even without America Got Talent. I have to agree, somebody from the AGT management might already have something in the works for her.

2. America Got Talent wanted to create a buzz around her. As of today 2 days after the uploading of her "The Climb" performance. The video have garnered 350k views in You Tube outpacing the closest competitor in AGT's performance of Kevin Skinner 2x. This might be a catalyst in reintroducing her back as a wildcard per audience request in the Finals round.

3. AGT wanted to bring back Kelli Glover, a former American Idol Season 3 participant to face off with the returning AGT hopeful Mia Bolstrom, which Thia Megia would have easily and seriously hurt the chances if she had remained in contention.

What do you think?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WAtch Out Miley Cyrus, Thia Does Climb!

Opening Quarter Finals was just showed in America Got Talent: Hollywood and all I can say is Thia Nailed "The Climb"

A lot of people in twitter are saying its the wrong song for her, but like the judges of the show I beg to differ. I believe that Thia with deeper and full voice than Miley Cyrus have more emotions to show that is appropriate for the song.

We are just probably used to Miley's acoustically engineered sound in her "The Climb" video and over the airwaves that a lot of us think that Miley sounds like that in her LIVE performances.

I've seen Miley sing this song LIVE numerous times and basically, she doesn't even sound the same from her LIVE performances with her studio recordings. She has always had a problem reaching the actual notes of the song especially in the chorus.

Now with Thia Megia, she took the song over its runs effortlessly in much deeper and full voice as well as higher pitch than Miley. Her Vibrato is much more pleasing than Miley's vibrato which is pitchy at times.

Although I'm pleased with her rendition, something is missing from this performance that not quite there in all of her videos. The goosebumps effect! I have no idea if they picked this song for her or she picked this song herself, but it just an OK song for me. Thia delivered the piece in such a way that one can clearly see the difference with the Original piece and this rendition is definitely better, yet an element of surprise is missing from it.

Judge for yourself. The judges aren't doing her any service by patronizing her this early unless they wanted her to be booted off early!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

'America's Got Talent': Top 10 of the Vegas 40

This week "America's Got Talent" moved on to Las Vegas, where 160 talented entertainers found out if they were going on to the next phase of competition: live performances in Hollywood. Forty contestants made the cut, including country singer Kevin Skinner and 14-year-old singing sensation Thia Megia. There were a few surprises, as well: guitar phenom Tallan Noble Latz didn't advance, and neither did singer Kari Callen, whom many pegged as America's answer to Susan Boyle. With the exception of a dance-off to narrow the field of hip-hop-style contestants, there were no new acts this week, so the Hulu team took a look at the audition performances of who we think make up the top 10 of the remaining million-dollar hopefuls.

1. Kevin Skinner

The story is almost too good to be true: an unemployed chicken catcher with a country twang and backward baseball cap tries out for a spot on "America's Got Talent." And, surprise, surprise: He's good -- real good. In auditions, his performance of Garth Brooks' "If Tomorrow Never Comes" was genuine, moving, and powerful. No surprises here, he's moving on to compete in Hollywood. After all, according to judge David Hasselhoff, "You are what this show is all about!"

2. Lawrence Beaman

The "America's Got Talent" producers put country crooner Skinner (above) and R&B singer Lawrence Beaman head-to-head in the elimination round. But, really, this choice was a no-brainer: Beaman, a 34-year-old delivery man, was going to the next round. With a deep, bass voice, his rendition of "Ol' Man River" in the auditions got the judges -- even the usually reluctant Piers Morgan -- on their feet. We get the sense we'll be seeing a lot more of Beaman in coming weeks.

3. Thia Megia

At first glance, 14-year-old Thia Megia doesn't necessarily seem like the kind of girl who could do Jennifer Holliday's "I Am Changing" justice. But this dream girl made the standard her own in auditions, getting the crowd on its feet as she hit every note of the soulful song. It was no surprise to see her pass through the Vegas eliminations, and she's certainly one to watch for the rest of the season.

4. Barbara Padilla

This petite opera singer hit a high note with her rendition of Gianni Schicchi's "O Mio Babbino Caro," carrying every note like a pro. It was a moving performance that got audience members -- and judges Sharon Osbourne and the Hoff -- on their feet. Barbara Padilla fought back cancer, which is a miracle, and is living her dreams now. "When you have hope, you keep going," she told the judges after her audition.

5. Sisterly Talent

It's a little bittersweet to watch the EriAm sisters perform the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" now, but 11-year-old Haven brought an immediate smile to our faces when she started singing. The three girls -- ranging in age from 11 to 15 -- made easy work of this 1969 hit, proving that each and every one of them has enough talent to stick around for a while. (And, as the clip from their original audition indicates, they certainly won over host Nick Cannon.)

6. Platt Brothers

Best friends and brothers, this dance act added some energy to auditions with an act that combined dance, gymnastics, and theater to get the crowd going. We're hoping to see more flipping in future rounds (and OK, maybe a little more miming too).

7. Mia Boostrom

Call her the comeback kid: Mia Boostrom gave "America's Got Talent" a try last season, but she didn't make it past the Vegas round. This week, however, she proved she has the chops, and the judges gave her the nod to advance to Hollywood. Though everyone from Louis Armstrong to Coldplay -- and most famously Ray Charles -- has covered "Georgia on My Mind," Boostrom earned our respect with her version in week four. Some people really do deserve a second chance.

8. Breaksk8

A number of dance squads made it to the Vegas eliminations, so judge Piers Morgan had a proposal for three of the hopeful groups: An old-fashioned dance-off between Euphoria, Breaksk8, and Destined 2 Be. The ultimate winner: BreakSk8, an all-male roller-skate dance crew who popped and rolled to Flo Rida's "Low" in the preliminaries.

9. Arcadian Broad

An underdog for much of his life, 13-year-old Arcadian Broad captured the judges' hearts at the Miami auditions. Though he was never good at sports and lacked confidence, he said that dance provided him a way to feel like nothing will get in his way. His spirited performance to Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" proved that he's our very own rockin' Billy Elliott, and the crowd ate it up. He's on his way to Hollywood for the next round of competition.

10. Matt and Anthony

What's a top 10 list without a dark horse? Shy as they may be, this duo gets our vote for one of the most "out of the box" performances this season. Former college roommates Matt and Anthony didn't rely on illusions, chainsaws, or dancing dogs to make it to the judges' top 40. Instead, they opted for an unexpected pairing of their individual talents: acoustic guitar and tap dance. Don't ask us why it works -- we just know that it does.

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